To See Yourself From The Outside

Photo: Yaniv Cohen.

When you commented on how I cut the vegetables and my movements in the kitchen, I initially experienced it as just a voice in the background. But after a while it transitioned into a feeling of power. You could foresee how I would cut the vegetables, which put you in charge. You were always one step ahead, maybe that’s why it felt like I was being instructed. Movements that I have done a thousand times suddenly became difficult. But then it started to feel reassuring to be controlled by someone else, to not have to think.

In the piece TO SEE YOURSELF FROM THE OUTSIDE the two performers establish a system of verbalising movements. From there the piece transitions between verbalising the self and the other, from describing to instructing, from obeying to opposing, becoming a shared dance, becoming a dance of words and a silent dance. Giorgio Agamben’s short lecture «What is a commandment?» has been an important reference, and we see our work as a very simple and concrete investigation of the philosophical problem of commands, which unfolds a particular attention to the relationship between body and mind and the physical effects of language.

Photo: Yaniv Cohen

Photo: Eva Rosa Roald Hollup

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