Love & Emotions

«LOVE & EMOTIONS» is a dance piece with three dancers which is also a listening situation, in a room where the audience is seated in the middle. The dance unfolding in the room is followed by a text and soundscape centered around love and emotions, seeing and being seen.

BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen, February 14th – 16th 2019


Photo: Ben Speck.

When we’re in love, lie awake at night and can’t sleep, it’s because the soul is growing wings. We idolize the one we think of. Love is blind. 

In Love & Emotions the audience is seated in the centre of the room, like a reversed amphitheatre, surrounded by the dancers’ movements, sounds from various radio stations and a narrator’s voice. When listening to the radio or a podcast, we create our own images while simultaneously doing other things. In this case, we watch three dancers. They control the gaze of the spectators through proximity and distance, and by seeing each other, seeing themselves, embodying the act of seeing, overlooking, portraying, and imagining. 

She sings about seeing you in ways that she’s never been able to see herself. She’s never known herself the way she knows you. It’s supposed to be a declaration of love, but it sounds a bit unhealthy, quite frankly. And who are you, really? Does it even matter who you are? She writes that she has nothing if she doesn’t have you. In that moment, you are everything. But later you’re reduced to empty words, a vague recollection of something from her past. Love & Emotions is everywhere, like a song, an idea, a purpose, a promise of security, and also a risk. We succumb and fall for you time and time again. Circling around a variation of music. Love & Emotions is the language with which we understand ourselves, a band featuring Love as the lead, and Emotions as the backup singers. We have Boredom on bass and Despair on drums, and on keys tonight: Excitement!

Choreography, text & production: Karen Eide Bøen.
DancersBente Westgård, Oda Brekke &Maia Means.
Text dramaturge/sound design: Eva Pfitzenmaier.
Dramaturgical assistance: Andrea Spreafico
Light design: Thomas Bruvik.
Costume:  Hugo Hedberg.
Co-production: BIT Teatergarasjen. 
Supported by: Bergen Kommune, Norsk Kulturråd & Bergen Dansesenter.



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